Stretch Wrap


Stretch Warp


Stretch Wrap (aka Pallet Stretch Wrap, Furniture Wrap)


For Packing and Sealing of Furnitures and Miscellaneous Items


SW-15 - Diameter - 11cm, Broad Width - 50cm, Weight - 3.10kg - Price $15.00 each



Stretch Warp Black

Stretch Wrap Black


For Packing and Sealing of Protected Items and Miscellaneous Items


SW-12 - Diameter - 11cm, Broad Width - 50cm, Weight - 3kg- Price $20.00 each





Bundle Warp


Bundle Wrap


For Packing and Sealing of Smaller Items and Miscellaneous Items


SW-10 - Diameter - 7.5cm, Broad Width - 10cm, Weight-350gram- Price $6.00 each




Best Deals in Town !  (for Limited Qty)

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Stretch Wrap


Stretch wrap is generally used to hold boxes on a pallet for transport. Stretch wrap is pulled around the load and stretched. The plastic has a memory and wants to return to its original size. This "elastic band effect" holds the load tight. Also known as Pallet Stretch Wrap.


These stretchable plastic wrap are also commonly use in moving house, packing use. Wrap up all soft stuff toys, pillow, cushions, including furniture, mattress, cabinets, cardboard etc...


Stretch wrap is not made for food contact and this industrial product should be kept away from children. Like any plastic, it can be dangerous.


How to Order

1) Self Collection

- If you are buying less than 20 cartons, do a self collection
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2) For Delivery

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3) Delivery Charges

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4) Delivery Timing:

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